Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Humans: Born Good or Evil?

Humans: Born Good or Evil?
Are we as humans inherently evil? The question could be answered in countless ways. The question is a matter of opinion and somewhat personal and religious beliefs. Each side has its own valid points thus making the debate quite questionable. Overall what it comes down to is the parents and/or guardians teachings. The parents are the ones who teach their children in one direction or the other.

Can a child be born evil or do they have to be taught to be evil? Once again it depends on ones beliefs. On one hand children can be born evil. Take infants for example. An infant is quite selfish in numerous ways. New born infants don’t care how tired their parents are. If they are hungry they will cry until tended to. It is the same as when their diaper is in need of changing and so on. Younger children can also be evil. For example, when two children are playing on the playground and child A picks up and begins to play with child B’s favorite toy, child B will most likely snatch the toy out of the first child’s hand. This act of selfishness is what many people consider to be an act of evil. Then people often argue “They are only children! They don’t know any better!” If someone actually believed this statement then the answer is yes humans are inherently evil. If anyone believes a child has to be taught to behave then they are born evil.

On the other hand many people believe that children are inherently born good. Many adults tend to think of infants being adorable and are too stubborn to think otherwise. They tend not to remember the selfishness acts of their children and prefer to forget them. However, there are many children who very rarely commit a selfishness act. For example, in Kindergarten, child A sees a child sitting in the corner of the class room by him or herself. Child A feels sorry for the child B and walks over and shares a juice box with the lonely child. In many occasions the two children grow up and are best friends for life. That is, in many people’s opinions, the furthest thing from a selfish act. Most people would consider it quite generous and/or sweet. In this case the question of “Can humans be born inherently good?” the answer is yes.

Finally, the most likely argument to be true would be that children are born natural. Children of lousy parents tend to be more cold-hearted then ones who grew up with exceptional parents. For example, most serial killers have grown experienced a crappy childhoods and a horrible home life. In most cases serial killers are the result of poor parenting. For another example, people who are in charge of charities, such as The JBJ Soul Foundation founded by Jon Bon Jovi, are commitments of selflessness. Most people like that where raised in a stable environment and had a pleasant childhood. This would be the result of excellent parenting.

In conclusion, “Are we as humans inherently evil?” There is no right or wrong answer to the question. It is simply a matter of personal and religious beliefs and morals. Both sides, good and evil, have valid points to them. However, it basically comes down to the effectiveness of the parenting of the parents. Children are not born good nor are they born evil. Children are born natural and it is the parent’s responsibility to steer the children one way or the other.

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