Monday, August 4, 2014

An Open Letter To Buffalo Bills Fans

An Open Letter To Buffalo Bills Fans
By Cody Williams

Dear Bills fans:

Yesterday prospective owner of the Buffalo Bills, rock star Jon Bon Jovi, issued an open letter to the Buffalo Bills fans who were worried about what the potential buy would mean for the future of the team. So, I’m going to do the same.

On major issue that the fans have with JBJ being the potential owner is that he is a rock star. I can hear it now, “What does this rock star know about running a football team?” It amazes me how much fans are concerned about this. Jon Bon Jovi has been very out spoken about his passion for the sport of football. This passion led him to found the Arena Football League team, Philadelphia Soul in 2004. In it’s initial four year run, the team missed the playoffs only once (2004) and later went on to not only play in the Arena Bowl (AFL’s championship game) but win it in just it’s first four years. The following their win the AFL would go on to cancel the 2009 season with hopes to return in 2010.

Soul returned to the league in 2011. They missed the playoffs that year, fired their coach, and then started fresh again. In 2012 and 2013 they went on to play in the Arena Bowl back to back. In 2014 they made the wild card round of the playoffs. As you can see, JBJ knows how to run a football team.

Another major problem with his potential ownership bid is the fact that the two other partners in his group are Canadian. This has caused speculation that Jon has plans to eventually move to team to Toronto. Now I’m going to explain why this can’t happen…at least not right away. The Bills are in agreement to play at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo until 2020. Unless JBJ wants to pay an extra 400,000 dollars to get out of it, the Bills are pretty much set in western New York.

Is the over all master plan to move the Bills? I don’t know. The only people who know that Jon Bon Jovi and his group of investors. But let’s talk hypothetical for a moment. What would happen if he did eventually move the Bills? He would just be moving them a county over. What’s the big deal? That’s 20 minutes away. Jerry Jones did the same thing to Dallas a number of years back and nobody said a word.

Finally Buffalo fans, you need to just get over yourselves and look at the BIG PICTURE. If Bon Jovi buys the team he will do what’s right for that team. If it’s right for the team to stay in Buffalo it will. So get over it. Your protests have gone too far and you have jumped to conclusions. I’m a huge fan of Bon Jovi so I have been researching this topic heavily. Do a little research Buffalo! Don’t you want what’s best for your team?


Cody Williams

P.S. For all of you Bills fans who created the “Bon Jovi Free Zone”, I wish I lived in Buffalo! If I did, I would be walking down the mean streets of this so called “Bon Jovi Free Zone” with a boom box on my shoulder blasting “Livin’ On A Prayer”. Just saying. 

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