Sunday, August 10, 2014

An Open Letter To NASCAR Fans

Dear NASCAR fans:
I’m going to be frank about the tragic situation that happened in New York last night near Walkins Glenn, NY. I’m going to say the truth because many people seem to be afraid to.
Many people are blaming Tony Stewart for the events that during a midget car race in New York last night were a driver got out of his car and then was struck by a car operated by Tony Stewart. I don’t understand this. I saw the “graphic” and “macabre” footage of the incident and the ONLY thing I could see them pin on Stewart is that it seemed he was driving too fast to be under caution. However, the angle of the incident would not allow the viewer to see when the caution was thrown. So that lets him off the hook.
On the other hand, lets talk Kevin Ward. Kevin Ward got out of his car and trotted down into traffic to display his displeasures (even though he had NOTHING to be angry about) when he was hit by Stewart’s car. Now, I’m not making light of the situation, but if came down between man vs. car, my money is on the car to win that battle. He never should have got out of the car. And sure as hell shouldn’t have wondered into traffic. And for those of you who say Stewart has done the same, try to under stand this. Tony Stewart races NASCAR! That’s on asphalt! The cars have traction and if someone did run over somebody, they were trying to. In dirt racing, the cars slide and have almost no traction. By the time Stewart got to him, it was too late.
In closing, after seeing the footage, it has come clear to me that Stewart was NOT responsible for the incident that happened during that race. It seems to me that it was completely Ward’s fault. It was a dumb ass move on his part. I warned all of you that I would be frank. That’s just how it is. My thoughts are with the family of Kevin Ward, however, I have more sympathy for Tony Stewart at the moment (whom of witch was so shoo ken up by the situation that he opted not to race today). He’s going to have to go back racing. That’s the only thing he can do. He can either let it haunt him, or he can dust it off and go back racing. But either way he will remind himself that he is PARTIALLY (not fully) responsible for the accident. That’s just how it is. And I don’t mean to just down play the situation at all. Tony is currently in a shitty situation. But hey, shit happens.
R.I.P. Kevin Ward Jr.
Thoughts are with his entire family AND Tony Stewart.
-Cody Williams

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